• Challenge visits Knock John Fort

    Check out 1940 on the Timeline, AFTER DUNKIRK for more information.

    Message from Margaret Flo Mcewan, founder of the Maunsell Seaforts Appreciation Group.

    Ladies and gentlemen! We did it!! I am incredibly proud to confirm that, this afternoon, exactly 80 years to the day, we reunited The Steam Tug Challenge with Knock John Fort. The ship's horns sounded, Auld Lang Syne blasted across the Estuary, champagne was drunk, cake was eaten and many tears of emotion were shed. But it didn't stop there, on our way back we couldn't resist another very special photo opportunity at Redsand Fort. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Chris Bannister, owner of Challenge and his crew for everything they did to make today happen. And thank you to the always awesome X-Pilot: Kent's Classic Pilot Vessel for being a fantastic photo vessel. More photos and video later.
    May the forts be with you!
    Flo x


    Challenge Passes through Tower Bridge

    On the 8th October, Challenge sailed up the River Thames and passed through Tower Bridge. It must be many years since she did this.

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