• Challenge in 1970

    The Pictures here were sent to us by Barrie Domleo

    They were all taken on the 2nd June 1970

    Barrie wanted to build a scale model of a Thames steam tugs and asked London Tugs if they could arrange a visit to one on the last steam tugs on the Thames.

    Barrie was rather disappointed to find three silent, fully crewed DIESEL tugs moored at the end of the pier at Gravesend at the time that was arranged.

    But then, sailing up the river came a steam tug with a thin plume of smoke rising from the funnel, as it turned out she was Challenge.

    They show Challenge in the twilight of her years as a working tug on the Thames. Only two years later she would be towing her sister ship, Contest, to be scrapped, (see above) and the year after that she was sold to Taylor Woodrow for preservation herself.

    The colour pictures where taken with an Olympus half frame camera
    and the B&W with a Pentax 35mm.

    Thanks to these photographs we have been able to confirm that the new, slightly lighter brown paint we are using on her superstructure is more accurate to the original colour she was painted for the last few years.

    All Photographs by Barrie Domleo ©


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