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Boiler removal complete.
24th June 2012

The boiler has now been completely removed. Note the picture of the rusted and wastedrivets, evidence that it was beyond economicalrepair. The boiler room will now be prepared for the new boiler.

Before that though part of theforwardbulkhead will be cut away to allow two tanks to be installed under the saloon. One for fresh water and one for waste.

More news on the boiler removal

Today a crane was brought in to help with the removal of the boiler.The upper gun deck, the fore mast and the funnel all came off to gain access to...

Work continues on boiler removal

Final preparations are being made for the removal of Challenge's original 1931 boiler as some of the last fire tubes are removed from inside the bo...

Challenge in Dry Dock

Challenge is now on the blocks and work can start on the hull survey. 

A few of the Challenge volunteers stripping out the Anchor...

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