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28th June 2020

             The Steam Tug Challenge

                                  A Dunkirk Little Ship.


At 1200 on June the 20th 2020, the ownership of the ST Challenge is handed over by the Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust, to her new owner, Mr Chris Bannister.


The ST Challenge has been looked after for many years now by the DLSRT, after a major restoration, including the inserting of a new boiler.

A recent 2 week intensive dry-docking saw her hull stripped down and repainted. Her funnel has been repaired, and both masts removed repaired, painted and replaced.

The original plan was that she would be moved from Southampton to London Docks, to join a small collection of similar vessels based there.

This however fell through as a result of the onset of the coronavirus, and her future once again fell into the hands of the DLSRT.                                                                                                          The London based USM team, decided that they would no longer take her.                                                                            The search for yet another possible owner went ahead at great pace.

Chris Bannister became aware of the Challenge?s availability, and applied to the DLSRT to take over her ownership.         After many hurdles were successfully negotiated, an agreement was reached, which satisfied all parties concerned, with regard to her future welfare.

The plan now is for Chris and his team to start work immediately, on preparing the vessel for her boiler survey in the first instance, and then for the sea passage to her new home, a port on the East Coast.